Parish Plan

The Parish Plan ~ 2012

Every 5 years the parish council conducts a survey of the local residents. We use the results of the survey to develop a parish plan. The parish plan is then used to guide the decisions of the parish council, and also to pass the views of the parish on to District and County Councils. We also use the parish plan to help with grant applications for local community causes.

2010 Survey Results

Results of the parish survey conducted in 2010.

Parish Council Communication

Suggested improvements include better communication of council notices and minutes. The development of a parish website to promote the parish and provide communication.


The development of affordable housing, renovation of derelict property and sheltered housing for the elderly within the parish.

Parish Facilities

The majority of people have asked that the parish council continue support for local facilities including village halls and playgrounds.

Travel & Transport

Many concerns were raised about speed limits being ignored in the villages, particularly by large and agricultural vehicles.
There was continued support for the local bus services and suggestions for improved bus service.

There has been a number of requests for improved supplies of winter grit and grit bins, especially on the untreated roads.

Environmental Issues

Cleaner roads with tidier verges, better planting to improve appearance, and less litter and dog fouling in the village areas.


Most parish residents are satisfied with policing, but a common complaint was lack of visibility and presence.

Summary of Events & Funding

The parish council has been involved in:

  • Parish Council took over as the sole trustee of
  • The Millennium Green Trust.
  • Installing the Millennium Green play area.
  • Working to try and keep the New Crown Inn open.
  • Working to replace the loss of the recycling bins.
  • Promoting the reopening of the Heather Glen Hotel.
  • Improvements to footpaths in the parish.
  • Funding the installation of 36 grit bins.
  • Organising bulk winter grit supply to farms.
  • Replacing vandalised benches by carved log seats.
  • Promoting and supporting Eden Valley Flix.
  • Funding repairs to Croglin Village Hall.
  • Funding improvements to Ainstable Church Institute.
  • Contributing to Armathwaite School Hall.
  • Supporting Armathwaite Nursery.
  • Organising litter picks in 2008 & 2010 & 2011.
  • Supporting extension to the Ainstable Burial Ground.
  • Maintenance of Croglin and Ainstable Burial Grounds.
  • Supporting the Air Ambulance.

The Parish Plan ~ 2012

Ainstable Parish Council has agreed the following action plan for 2012 onwards. This is based on the results of the 2010 Survey, previous Parish Plans and the Eden Local Plan.

Parish Council

The Parish Council will improve its performance by:

  • Better communication both within the parish and with outside agencies, this will include a website, newspapers and parish magazine articles.
  • Ensuring effective participation in:
  • Cumbria Association of Local Councils
  • National Association of Local Councils
  • Participation on outside bodies which affect the interests of the parish.
  • Undertaking to provide relevant training for councillors and the parish clerk.
  • Considering increases in the parish precept totarget identifiable projects.


The Parish Council will:

  • Promote and support the renovationof derelict property, the development of affordable housing, and sheltered housing within the parish.
  • Consider how we can influence the Eden Local Plan to incorporate local views.
  • Advise on all local planning applications.
  • Help to preserve the rural nature of the parish.
  • Be proactive in pursuing non-compliance with planning issues with the relevant authorities.


The Parish Council will maintain good communicationwith the parish and outside bodies including:

  • Agendas for meetings to be placed on parish noticeboards and the website 7 days before the meeting.
  • Minutes for meetings to be placed on parish noticeboards and the website within 14 days of the meeting.
  • Developing a parish website to promote the parish and improve communication.
  • Reports on parish meetings to be sent to the relevant parish newsletters.
  • Reports on parish meetings to be sent to The Herald.


The Parish Council will develop a maintain good communication with Cumbria Police Authority to:

  • Take up issues of alleged speeding with police.
  • Promote a higher visibility of police in the parish.
  • Promote better reporting and news about crime and suspicious activity within the parish.

Local Facilities

The Parish Council will:

  • Work with neighbouring parishes wherever possible to identify areas of common need.
  • Promote and support leisure activities and community events within the parish.
  • Help the village hall committees by working with them to maintain them and increase local use.
  • Continue to grant aid all village halls.

Millennium Green

The Parish Council will:

  • Continue to maintain, develop and publicise the Ainstable Millennium Green for community use.


The Parish Council will:

  • Work with Cumbria County Council and local land owners to improve the roads and footpaths in the parish.
  • Support small scale local electricity generation but will oppose large scale wind farm developments.
  • Work to develop a responsible approach to the problems of litter and dog fouling in the villages.

Young People

The Parish Council will promote opportunities for all young people in the parish by:

  • Protecting and maintaining the funds available through the use of Croglin School Land by the Croglin Educational Foundation for the young people of Croglin and Newbiggin.
  • Consulting with young people to explore their ideas and views of the parish, and their aspirations.
  • Supporting the provision of facilities and clubs to suit all ages within the parish.
  • Working towards improving the existing children’s play area on the Millennium Green in Ainstable.
  • Working with young people to develop facilities and play areas throughout the parish.

The Elderly

The Parish Council will promote opportunities and facilities for elderly people in the parish by:

  • Supporting the Fell Runner and other public transport.
  • Promoting and supporting parish events for the elderly.
  • Supporting developments to local facilities to improve access for all people.
  • Supporting the development of suitable housing.