Croglin Village Hall 80th Birthday Event

The Earth from the Air brochure

Croglin Village Hall will be the venue for the premiere of a new play by local author
Sharon Gosling. The Earth from the Air is set to star Sean Connolly — who plays
Keith Horrobin in The Archers — and Bella Hamblin, who has also been heard in The
Archers, as well as opposite her husband Sean in Radio 4’s popular drama Home

“The Earth from the Air is the story of what happens when Gabe, a woman with a fear
of flying, confronts her fears by trying to learn to fly out of Carlisle airport. Sean
plays Huw, her flying instructor,” says Sharon, who lives in Croglin. “But the play
also encompasses a little of the history of the fells around the village.”

“Because the play was written for radio, that’s how it will be performed, as a ‘live
radio play’,” Sharon adds. “That means the actors will have their scripts with them
and their performances will be augmented by sound effects and music that has been
composed specially for this production.” All proceeds will go to the Village Hall,
which is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year.

Tickets are available from Withnail Books, at the Brunswick Yard in Penrith (opposite
Booths), online at: (search for ‘The Earth from the Air’) or call
01768 896018/07977 830945.