Suicide Safer Eden

Suicide is everyone’s business – Suicide Safer Eden (SSE)

We are a small but determined group of volunteers in Eden working towards reducing loss of life to suicide within our local area.


  • In Cumbria we lose, on average, one person each week to suicide
  • In Eden alone, on average, we lose one person every two months to suicide.

By any measure this is an alarming and potentially avoidable loss of life and we are very aware of the devastating impact this has on a community.

The CHALLENGE in tackling this problem is that people:

  • May be scared to check out if someone is alright when they have concerns because they are worried about making things worse.
  • May assume that only professionals such as doctors, nurses or social workers can help people who may be at risk.

The AIMS of Suicide Safer Eden are:

  • To reduce the stigma of suicide
  • Raise awareness of help that is available
  • Encourage local people to take an active interest in making sure that information is more widely available in their community.

To achieve these aims SSE is looking for people with a caring approach and commitment to the wellbeing of their local community who would like to volunteer to become local champions.

It is important to be aware

  • That people who are willing to talk to someone about suicide will not make matters worse for that person.
  • That the majority of people who take their own lives do not have contact with support services.
  • That we need to see suicide prevention as everyone’s business
  • That we all have a role to play.

The role of the VOLUNTEER CHAMPION is to provide appropriate information within their locality and to promote suicide prevention and awareness training.

If you would like more information about Suicide Safer Eden or If you would like a free suicide awareness session in your community please contact Juliet from Carlisle Eden Mind on 07510 309527 or .

If someone needs to talk about suicidal thoughts they can contact Samaritans on 116 123 or Cumbria Mindline on 0300 561 0000